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General info

The romantic city of Venice floats above a vast lagoon on the North East coast of Italy. Below faded stone palaces, merchants ply their wares along the waterways– you won’t find a single road in the city.

This water-locked city is the birthplace of many famous artists, poets and musicians including Vivaldi, Marco Polo and even the worlds’ most famous womaniser, Casanova.

Things you must see & do

Renowned for its art and architecture, Venice has many tourist attractions such as the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco to keep you busy. In St Mark’s Square photograph the gilded onion domes among the crowds out front, then take the stairs inside St Mark's Basilica, to look at Venice from its rooftop vantage point.

A gondola ride through the maze of canals is an absolute tourist must – especially for the romantics out there! And if you pick the right gondolier it’s another great way to learn about the city’s rich history. But start saving, they don’t come cheap!

Also, check out the local glass makers; their work is beautiful and makes a great souvenir. Try not to visit during peak season, as overcrowding can be a real problem.

Get your art fix with old masters or modern art, with both the Peggy Guggenheim collection and the Galleria dell'Academia worthy of a look

Go island hopping on a vaporetto out to the glass factories of Murano, the island cemetery Cimitero, or to drink in village life at picturesque Burano.

Insider tips

Catching the waterbus for a full loop around the central island or between islands is a cheap alternative to a gondola ride and a great way to see the beautiful architecture and observe Venetian culture. Or you could take a water taxi across the Grand Canal.

Get lost! Venice’s winding cobbled streets are perfect for aimless strolling and allow you to glimpse the quieter squares and roads of this amazing city.

Don’t just window shop at the Rialto food markets, duck past the stalls to the strip of unassuming restaurants for some of the freshest food in town.

There’s no need to stay too long in Venice – it’s a small place and only takes a couple of days to explore.

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