Top Trail Hire & Tours Ltd

Accommodation Details

We provide hire bikes and helmets as well as shuttle transport to enable people to ride all or part of the Twin Coast cycle trail which runs from the Bay of Islands east coast to the Hokianga Harbour west coast of New Zealand.
In total this is an 85km trail and most people do it over two days. The town of Kaikohe is the halfway point where accommodation is available. We can help with this.
Guided tours are available by arrangement.
Full range of adult and children bikes are available. Hybrid and Mountain. Also some E-Bikes.

Top Trail Hire & Tours was set up by Ray and Robyn Clarke in 2012 to promote the use of the great new Twin Coast Cycle trail when it first opened in Northland. Ray and Robyn have a great affinity with the area having lived here for most of their lives. They’ve been in business in the Bay of Islands for over twenty years and are well resourced with cycles transport and knowledge to make sure your experience is a great one.

In 2014 Top Trail Hire & Tours were awarded the Top Energy Business Development grant to help them further capitalise on the many benefits that visitors to the trail will bring to local communities and businesses. They are Northland’s only dedicated transport and cycling specialists catering to the Twin Coast Cycle Trail.

“Our own experience of the trail has been fantastic from day one and we are keen to share the great scenery as well as historic, cultural and environmental perspectives where possible.”

At Top Trail our aim is to make it easy for you to enjoy the trail and Northland. We offer both cycle hire and transport, tours, customised itineraries and activities to help you and your friends ride all of the completed sections of trail or just a section of your choice.