New York accommodation

General info

New York is a city that gets under your skin. Swarming with over 8 million people, it’s completely overwhelming and utterly addictive.

If you are going to go to go to one city, then in the words of Frank Sinatra make sure it’s New York, New York, New York!

Things you must see & do

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, take in a view of the concrete jungle from the top of the Rockefeller or Empire State Building, and peruse all 12 floors of Macey’s Department store. If that hasn’t worn you out go to a Broadway show for a bargain price, be dazzled in Time Square and people-watch in Central Park.

For a taste of home, check in on Helen at the United Nations, or you could catch a gig on Bleaker Street, join New York socialites for a cocktail in the Campbell Apartment and explore the diverse neighbourhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Not only is New York the city that never sleeps, it’s the city that always eats! Eating out is a way of life. Go Sarah Jessica Parker on it and indulge in a cupcake from Magnolias in the West Village or sit down for a burger and shake at the super cute Shake Shack in Madison square.

Insider tips

Treat yourself to New York pie (Pizza) form Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, it’s the best pizza in New York and has an impressive list of celeb customers!

Don’t drive in New York unless you really need to. Get a MetroCard to ride the buses and subways in New York City – you can pay by coins on buses but you need a MetroCard to enter the subway. On private buses in New York you get what you pay for, so avoid buses offering very low fares.

Avoid the inevitable queues by going to attractions in the evening if they’re open and turning up to shows just before they start - if you already have a ticket. If you hit a queue and are not in a hurry, it’s much more fun to sit down at the closest café or bar and relax with a drink while you wait for it to disperse.

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