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General info

Fiji in the South Pacific is made up of 322 islands, most ringed with coral reefs. With its warm people and relaxed pace, Fiji is a very popular tropical island destination with New Zealanders and Australians, as well as visitors from all over the world.

When they arrive in Fiji visitors tend to head to one of three places – the Coral Coast between Nadi and Suva (the two main towns), Denerau Island near Nadi, or out to the islands. All three destinations are fantastic for enjoying the warmth, the water and any activities you can muster up the energy for.

Things you must see & do

If you’re staying on Viti Levu, the mainland, make sure you take a day trip or an overnight excursion out to one of the islands. It will give you a taste of the space and beauty of Fiji.
On the surface, Nadi seems fairly dirty and busy, but there’s a great supermarket and, if you’re on a budget, it’s a great place to stock up on lower priced food and liquid refreshments before heading back to mainland resorts or out to the islands.

For a truly wonderful getaway, you cannot go past Navini Island. Only a 45 minute boat ride from the mainland, it has just a few basic bures, gorgeous beaches and a wonderful shared dining room which serves up three delicious meals a day to guests.

Get out on the water - whether it’s snorkelling, fishing, diving, kayaking or swimming. Whatever you’re doing, don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and reef shoes – nothing worse than sunburn or coral punctures in your foot to start off your holiday.

Insider tips

Resorts on Denerau Island don’t always allow you to use their pools if you’re not staying there. Don’t take offence, just head to one of the lovely publically accessible beaches instead.

The Coral Coast running between the two main towns, Nadi and Suva, is generally the cheapest place to stay, although the beaches aren’t always great due to shallow lagoons at low tide.

Be careful if you hire a car to drive around Viti Levu, the mainland. The roads contain lots of potholes and the locals are pretty aggressive drivers; bus drivers will often drive on the wrong side of the road for some distance to overtake others, playing ‘chicken’ with those coming towards them.

Watch out for the hawkers at any markets you go to. Don’t give your name to anyone – they’ll carve it on one of their products, then make you buy it.

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