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New Zealand’s Newest Wakeboard Cable Park – Foxton, Horowhenua.

Here at OFF THE LOOP we have created the latest ‘must do’ attraction in the Lower Nth Island!

We offer Cable Wakeboard & Waterski riding at our private lake on our 2 x Two tower TOPLINE CABLE Systems. Based in Foxton, 1 ½ hrs north of the Wellington CBD, and 30 mins west of Palmerston North we have a variety of flat glassy water, ramps and rail slides at our double laned purpose built location nestled in the Horowhenua countryside. Something for the whole family and guaranteed to satisfy riders of all skill levels!

It is one of the only parks to have two Wakeboard Cable systems operating at one time, and the only park to have a dual counterweight system ensuring maximum tension on the cable at all times.

Set in the rural zone on the edge of Foxton town and just 5-10minutes walk from the main street, OFF THE LOOP is the newest ‘must do’ activity in the Lower Nth Island.

The clean, fresh cable lake is 75m wide with a grass bank between the two lanes to eliminate water chop from one side to the other. The towers stand at 9m above the water delivering a high angle of pull to get you up and riding as simply and easily as possible.

The lanes are west facing with high grass banks flanking them on 3 sides to cut down on wind chop and to keep the water as flat as possible,increasing the quality of your ride. Plenty of space for the family picnic, or just to spread out and enjoy the fun filled atmosphere of this park.

The aerial cables tow a carrier and Wake rope which is held by the rider on a board on the surface of the water. A trained ‘driver’ controls the system by way of a hand held controller. The carrier travels the length of the lake at a set speed ,slows down and stops at the far end, before gradually speeding up again and returning to the start. Riders learn to ride around the corners and can negotiate a ‘figure 8’ course there and back on the two way system.

Should a rider fall, the driver will stop the carrier, reverse it back to the waiting rider who simply swims back to the centre of the lane to regain the rope & handle and perform a deep water start to continue their ride.

The two cable systems run variable speed drives, so you can ride safely and confidently at your own pace, wether it be slow and steady to learn the ropes, or fast and furious to get that explosive pop for the latest manouvre youve been working on. All levels of riders are catered for at our purpose built location.