Hong Kong accommodation

General info

A bustling and exciting city to visit, Hong Kong has over 7 million people, a myriad of food to experience and shopping until you drop. It's definitely worth a stop-over if you're on your way to or from Europe but is also worth a holiday in its own right.
Hong Kong has everything from car supermarkets full of million dollar rides and Disneyland, to shopping malls for the rich and the bustling night markets for those on a budget.

Things you must see & do

Visit the Peak - catch the historic cable car up, with stunning views of Hong Kong's cityscape. Visit the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong's version of Hollywood's walk of fame; check out the hand moulds of Jackie Chan or Jet Li, and pose with a statue of Bruce Lee! See the Noon Day Gun being fired every day at midday and discover the military history of Hong Kong at the Museum of Coastal Defence.

While you’re there you must catch a bus to Stanley for a different view of the city, and to escape the craziness of Hong Kong city. Stanley is a beach resort nestled in bushy hills which you can easily get to in half an hour on public transport. There's a shopping complex, bars and restaurants, plus the famous Stanley market. It’s a beautiful area and you could almost be back in NZ as you sit on golden sand enjoying some rays.

If you're there on a Sunday, locals congregate in the parks in the central city to relax on their day off. Imagine a few thousand Philipino, Thai and Malay people all in one place playing games, doing each other’s hair or nails, and chattering in a variety of languages. It's quite a sight!

Insider tips

Before using public transport get an Octopus card, it will let you travel for less and can be used for the buses, 7/11's, McDonalds and much more.

When leaving the airport on the MTR transfer to the Tung Chung line at Tsing Yi station. If you go from the Airport to Central on the Airport line it's much more expensive.

Every evening at 8pm you can catch the Symphony of Lights, which is the world's largest light and sound show according to Guinness World Records.

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